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Abdul Sahid Khan, head trainer, Lavazza talks about coffee trends, its variation and brewing techniques

Italian coffee brand, Lavazza recently hosted an interactive workshop for coffee lovers, hoteliers and budding culinary enthusiasts at their training centre located in Andheri, Mumbai. The two-day workshop curated by Abdul Sahid Khan, head trainer, Lavazza celebrated the nuances of exquisite coffee, it’s variations and brewing techniques. The interactive session touched upon every single aspect related to coffee. Right from introduction to various coffee blends to identification of coffee beans from different regions including Brazil, Colombia and India to live demonstration of techniques such as milk frothing to espresso extraction, every aspect of coffee was explored to the core. Khan also elaborated on the essentials of making authentic espresso coffee from the perspective of maintaining the right texture, taste and acidity levels.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Abdul Sahid Khan, wherein he talks about coffee trends, impact of coffee on f&b offerings in hotel and upcoming concepts and recipes that can be made with coffee.

Talking about his intent behind conducting the session, Abdul Sahid Khan said,” The idea was to enlighten and create awareness among the coffee lovers and budding culinary chefs with the right brewing technique, which is often made at high temperature resulting into dilution of essential protein this refreshing fruit holds. Right from techniques like milk frothing to espresso extraction, we introduced the audience with fundamentals of coffee making. The whole idea was provide a new learning experience to the industry and help them   discover different types of coffee beans and understand different EBB (Espresso Based Beverages). In short, we wanted to create better coffee brewing culture. “

Here’s how an espresso coffee is brewed

Further Khan listed out  common mistakes to avoid while brewing coffee. Here’s what he pointed out:

• Not grinding the coffee beans perfectly: If your coffee beans aren’t ground for both the style and method of coffee you’re making, they can’t effectively release the compounds that provide flavour, colour, and aroma in the final cup.
• Using wrong ratio of water and coffee grounds: if you want a truly spectacular cup of coffee in the morning, invest in a brewing scale and spare a moment to measure out the proper amount of coffee and water as the ratio is important for perfect brew.
•  Using too hot water: The ideal coffee brewing temperature is between 195°F (90.6°C) and 205°F (96.1°C). In this range, your coffee can release its compounds properly and imbue your water with coffee goodness.
•  Using old or stale coffee: When you buy coffee, check the roasting date and make sure you use it quickly—usually within a month or less.
• Unclean coffee machine/ equipments: Coffeemaker needs to be cleaned regularly. Wash the carafe, filter basket and lids in fresh water after every use.

DIY espresso coffee using Moka pot

This was followed by a live demo session on coffee brewing techniques wherein Khan showcased the ways and techniques to brew espresso cappuccino, latte and other espresso based coffee using the one-of-its kind Tierra blend.

Here’s a video on how Coffee Caviar is made

Besides, he also the presented the recipe for DIY café style coffee using Moka pot and also showcased the steps to make the unique Coffee Caviar, which you can eat or garnish it over your desserts.

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