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MasterYourBrew with Lavazza’ campaign

07May, 2020

Lavazza, the Italian coffee roasters brand announces the launch of its “#MasterYourBrew with Lavazza” campaign which aims at educating employees from leading corporates across India on the nuances of brewing one’s own cup of Barista-style coffee at home.

With most of the corporate workforce working from home due to the pandemic, these one-hour online sessions will help create the ideal workplace coffee experience virtually for employees, specifically for those missing out on their coffee breaks with their colleagues.

The campaign will kickstart on 8th May 2020, and the inaugural workshop session is scheduled with Swiggy’s internal employee community, “Tastes of Swiggy”. The workshops will be led by Lavazza’s Head Trainer, Abdul Sahid Khan, and his team who will be demonstrating various methods to brew the right coffee, the right way.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Jai Ganesh Ramnath – MD, Lavazza India said, “With the work from home culture becoming the new normal due to the lockdown and the global pandemic, it is our endeavor that with this campaign, that people have a chance to have Barista-style coffee at home with their colleagues and create a regular workplace scenario virtually. The objective of the “MasterYourBrew with Lavazza” campaign is to share our expertise on brewing coffee to help every coffee lover to experience that perfect cup of coffee at the comfort of their home and keep their spirits high during this difficult time. We aim to illustrate the intricacies as well as the simplicity behind brewing a good cup of coffee through these sessions and help participants to learn the nuances of coffee which can be replicated by them whenever they need a coffee boost.”

“Coffee is an experience in itself, be it you are having it outside or at the comfort of your own home. Lavazza has created various at-home coffee solutions and DIY kits which enables consumers to have cafe-style coffee at home. By developing more such products, we will be able to cater to our customers and provide them with the ultimate coffee experience, no matter where they are, with the fast-growing at-home segment,” he added. 

Every workshop will be crafted to suit the expectations of the audience; as a basic level, this workshop will include modules on understanding the difference between a good and a bad cup of coffee, the taste profile and body of coffee as a beverage, and what ultimately goes into making a good cup of coffee. Head Trainer Abdul and his team will also share some trade secrets to making coffee the Italian way.

Rachna Anbumani – VP –  Marketing, Lavazza India said, “Coffee has been the epitome of both socialization and productivity for the longest time; especially with the ongoing lockdown, we surely do tend to miss those much-awaited moments with our colleagues and loved ones over a cup of coffee. In fact, even our “Productively Brew-ding” survey found that 49% of the millennial workforce are missing their morning coffee with their colleagues.”

“With the “#MasterYourBrew with Lavazza” campaign, we aim to extend our prowess to help create those perfect coffee moments for the attendees of these sessions, even while they are at home, and with the perfect cuppa joe made the right way. Our notion behind this activity is to not only help employees connect over coffee, but also to encourage them to learn the elements involved in the art of making Barista-style cup of coffee and recreate it in their homes and unleash their inner Baristas,” she added.

The “#MasterYourBrew with Lavazza’ workshops will take the participants through the process of the ‘bean to cup’ transformation and how it makes all the difference to work with freshly ground coffee while you make a filter coffee, a cappuccino, a latte or a cold brew. The attendees will be awarded with an e-certificate of participation post the workshop.

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