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Five common mistakes to avoid while brewing coffee

Abdul Sahid Khan, head trainer, Lavazza shares his expertise

by Nisha Shukla30 Jan 2020

Coffee, Brewing coffee, Five common mistakes
  • Not grinding the coffee beans perfectly:If your coffee beans aren’t ground for both the style and method of coffee you’re making, they can’t effectively release the compounds that provide flavour, colour, and aroma in the final cup.
  • Using wrong ratio of water and coffee grounds: if you want a truly spectacular cup of coffee in the morning, invest in a brewing scale and spare a moment to measure out the proper amount of coffee and water as the ratio is important for perfect brew.
  • Using too hot water: The ideal coffee brewing temperature is between 195°F (90.6°C) and 205°F (96.1°C). In this range, your coffee can release its compounds properly and imbue your water with coffee goodness.
  • Using old or stale coffee: When you buy coffee, check the roasting date and make sure you use it quickly—usually within a month or less.
  • Unclean coffee machine/ equipments: Coffeemaker needs to be cleaned regularly. Wash the carafe, filter basket and lids in fresh water after every use.

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