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It’s long that I’ve not posted!

Dear readers,

It’s a long since I’ve not posted any new articles/ listicles because again I’m hospitalized. Yes, the same kidney-related issue. The transplant I did last year is being rejected, and the reason is antibodies rejection (some negligence and may be cos of covid vaccination).

So I’m back to the situation I was two years back (with trial and error; plasma thesis, immune suppressive injections, and long hospitalization) I’m again back to dialysis.

Yes, I’m again on dialysis; doing weekly thrice. So stuck between home and hospital and this stopped me ye o work on coffee.

Anyway, now somehow I’m managing this life and again planning for a second transplant. This time I’m sure the Almighty will make it all perfect, I just need prayers from each one of you.

Yes, I started with the process of a second transplant.  The process itself it’s gonna be challenging and critical.

Firstly, as per the doctor, this surgery is going to be risky considering I already had two surgeries (one abandoned) earlier.

Secondly,  finding a suitable donor is going to be a challenging part as my antibodies are too high.

I’m consulting with some of the best nephrologist, considering the criticality as many of asking me to wait as risk factor is high.

Anyway, it’s been 3 months now since I’m in dialysis and this never suits me as my blood pressure goes high and every time finding my vein is a real challenge.

More of I find dialysis is not the real solution, as you remain stuck! And I want surgery to happen sooner and prayers from all of you make it smoother and Almighty make it goes all perfect!

As I said I started with the process, so I keep you all updated here with improvements and development in this process.

I know it’s not gonna be an easy one but I have full faith in the Almighty and I need your prayers.

Wish me good health and success 😊

14 Replies to “It’s long that I’ve not posted!”

  1. Hi Friend, so sad to read this again as I had gone through your previous posts regarding the same. I deeply feel your pain but you are very courageous n positive always. My heartfelt prayers n wishes for the best success in every procedure that takes place during… please keep posted n take care. You are strong n the blessings of almighty can bring miracles to your journey. Keep up the smiles n strength ❤

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