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Dialysis is not the solution to life!

I don’t know if people might be finding it’s ok to be in dialysis but for me, it’s not at all the solution to living life.

My wife gave me the example of her friend, she is in dialysis for years and continues her work at the bank. First of she accepted to be in this condition (could be many reasons not to go for the transplant) as far as work is concerned it’s her office seating job and mine is not the same.  I need to keep moving from training centers to the office to the client locations and even if at my ease (being company considerable) had to travel.

With dialysis, you are just stuck to the schedule of your hospital. I mean 3 days and every sitting for 4-5 hours, thinking this schedule itself makes you sick and stuck.

In my case, I’m doing treatment in my hometown (considering help from family). And my hometown is around 2k kilometers far from my workplace (so-called my second home) where I’m living for the past 20 years. And my work is not about doing work from home as I need machines, equipment, and ingredients. Even not working on recipes or products, I need to visit client places for training.

And all these are not possible while one is on dialysis. Still love my job so not being available at the office, more or less I keep complete track of my responsibilities and am very much available for all my colleagues over the mail and phone with a constant call with my assistant trainers. Somehow I’m trying my best to be updated with the coffee world☺️.

Still, as I said dialysis is not the solution so I’m trying with the help, support, and prayers from all of you; the possible legal work and tests for transplant(as the legal process for transplant takes months, and others 100s of tests).

Just remembered this quote from one of my LinkedIn connects:

“Whenever you find yourself
doubting how far you can go,
Just remember how far you have come.

emember everything you have faced,
all the battles you have won,
and all the fears you have overcome.”

All I need is your love and prayers🙏


4 Replies to “Dialysis is not the solution to life!”

  1. The important thing to remember is never give up. Keep doing the thing that keeps you going until you’re able to do the thing you hope for most. Keep faith. Your life is full of purpose. That quote is very encouraging. You’re in my prayers.

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