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Health updates- kidney transplant

I clicked😀

Transplant is done by the Human organ transplantation act and its provisions which solicit necessary paperwork and electronic records of donor and recipient identity, relations, and consent, which may take from 10 days to a month.

But first, you need an agent here to do all your paperwork or else the paperwork at court will take months, and clearance from the panel will take another couple of months.

The panel is there to scrutiny the relationship and in general genuineness of the case, but instead of verification they (the panel at capital hospital, BBSR) do the interrogation.

And this interrogation goes on for months (3-4 sitting in a couple of months, without considering the conditions of the patients. Even patients are coming for so-called verification on wheelchairs. Just to wait for their Q while the panel is busy discussing themselves over a cup of tea.

Frankly, I can’t do it personally so I chose an agent to do this legal work (yes even for medical emergencies you need an agent, bcos doing government clearance for the common man in India is next to impossible). And with this agent, you have to pay huge charges (his fees+ major part goes to bureaucrats). Or else your paper will be kept on the table and you will be summoned for interrogation (verification ) multiple times.

Specifically, here at Orissa, the system needs to be fine-tuned and the panel to be more active, effective, and sensitive toward every individual case. Because this waiting time is so crucial for patients’ life, also expensive as hell.

I’m doing my dialysis at #nephroplus, got many centers across but this center is poorly maintained (AC is dripping, lights are missing, the infotainment system not working and the list is long) I guess even the center employees are trying to fix it but the concerned team is irresponsive.

Currently, my paperwork is under process, post necessary medical tests. I’m not aware when this paperwork will complete as another trouble is I have to take clearance from two states (Odessa and west Bengal) this delays the process and pain. Every time I go for dialysis I feel I’m losing it. I don’t know how long I can be this strong 💪 😏

Anyway, soon government clearances will be complete, then surgery dates will be decided. Till then I’m continuing with dialysis.

I just request you all whoever reading me now and following me: to pray things to get streamlined faster and smoother. Give me more positivity and strength☺️🙏


13 Replies to “Health updates- kidney transplant”

  1. Glad to hear about the news, atleast tge process has started. Sure all the work would ho smooth n quick. My best wishes n good luck for your surgery n health recovery. Please take care till then, keep up hope n trust on almighty. My prayers.

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  2. Dear Abdul,
    It seems that you have been staying strong and maintaining a reasonably steady presence in the blogosphere after a long absence.
    May you eventually regain your health to write us even more excellent posts, your having to deal with hospital treatments and medications notwithstanding!
    Therefore, I would like to resonate with the spirit of your journey as follows:

    Be brave
    Be bold
    Be beautiful
    Be you
    Wishing you a productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, including but not limited to being a resilient blogger and dialysis patient!
    Yours sincerely,

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